Ivory Coast got three more TV operators

Startimes Media Côte d’Ivoire SA, Akwaba Tele SA and TV-Com Côte d’Ivoire SA are the three new satellite TV operators that have been licensed in Ivory Coast by the regulator, Haute autorité de la communication audiovisuelle(HACA).


The TV market in Ivory Coast will now allow competition among several actors which has been dominated by Canal + Horizon.  Indeed, the HACA has unveiled the identity of the three new operators for the distribution of radio broadcasting services and cable television and / or satellite.


“The review of tender documents was made by an established commission by the Act No. 2004-644 of 14 December 2004 on the legal arrangements for audiovisual communication. Thus the three raised companies were allowed by the government Decision No. 2016-001 / HACA of 26 February 2016 to operate in Ivory Coast sound broadcasting and cable television services ” specifies the HACA in a statement on their official website.