Streamit360 plans live streaming for niche events

Streamit360, a South African sport internet streaming start-up, has secured the interest of various codes from tennis, para-cycling and bodybuilding federations and has even live streamed events to thousands of viewers.

Streamit360 expects to attract emerging video-on-demand (VOD) and telecommunication operators with its streaming platform for niche sports coverage that are not broadcast on mainstream television.

“There are lots of sports out there with small viewership, but they have a huge viewership when combined,” said co-founder, Apples Appleton.

He added that viewers are now turning to online streaming to watch less mainstream sports. Streamit360 live streamed the UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup and registered more than 15,000 viewers. Appleton revealed that Streamit360 is in discussion with ‘major company’ for zero-rating data for its viewers similar to what MTN did for FrontRow VOD service.