129000 STB to face total blackout in Nigeria

Digital TV migrants in Jos the capital of the Plateau state face a total blackout of their STB distributed by the government. The number of devices affected by this catastrophe is up to 420000. These STB were distributed for free at the dawn of digital migration in Nigeria.

Commissioner for Information and Communication Nazif Muhammad declared that even though the programme worked since 2016, the government was paying the fee of US $4.88 per box per year in order to maintain the devices in working state. This fee will now be at the consumer charge.

Nazif Muhammad declared :”The idea was to give free television services to those who had received or bought the boxes for one year. It is almost one year and we deem it necessary to inform the general public that by the end of this month, 129,000 boxes will have total blackout unless they are recharged.”

The main concern for the government now is to warn its citizens before it is too late, it has been advised to not take the STB to a technician since the problem is not due to hardware defect.